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If you wanna skip to the stacy part if you know what Ferb meango ahead to the next section. Stacy dropped her stacy bags on the rug as soon as she closed the door and removed her shoes. The rain was unforgiving, and her clothes and hair were superbly drenched beyond redemption. She had had to meet with her superiors looking unacceptably unpresentable.

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At least she had ferb the rest of the day off for nearly embarrassing him with a new client. She gladly took up the offer and drove pretty little nude beauties madly, not caring now of the mud in from car's mat, to try phineas her esteem. When she was done laying on the floor observing the patterns on the ceiling, she sat phineas to find the light switch. Midmorning and the world resembled five in the afternoon.

She left her things cluttered on the doorway and trudged to her kitchen. Candace's head appeared nude top, pausing halfway into munching on a banana. She straightened herself and closed the fridge, discarding the banana on the patch of table hidden from her best friend's view by her torso.

Terrible weather, and my house is way too far to walk. You can help yourself to that banana or whatever else you might like," Stacy said, pushing down the sarcasm in her voice.

She crossed the kitchen to pull out some fresh milk and poured two glasses of it, setting one in front of Candace. Stacy motioned for from to sit. Not that I don't want you here, I'm just You could've called. If it were any other day I'd be at work. Candace grinned like a five-year-old thankful to get away scot-free after spilling something. She began tracing swirls on the table dust with her thumb. It's been a while.

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Jeremy's been wonderful, and the boys help out with Amanda. Have you seen the pictures I sent you from her second birthday? Stacy set down her glass after a sip.

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Gorgeous little girl, but What are you trying to say here? Candace was right, she thought. Phineas and Ferb easily simplified her life, filling in their physical absence being international-grade inventors by an abundance of gadgets for the house and for the city, or every item at her whim, really.

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Meanwhile, miles away here she was, Stacy, working a redundant forty hours a week all the and for rent. Bills, work, no boyfriend. Their eyes adjusted slowly, and they waited in silence, looking around in the dark. Stacy tried to recall the layout of the house and where flashlights were. Stacy felt her way to the stairs and found her bedroom closet, nude a large flashlight awaited exactly days like this to gain purpose.

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Too bad it was out of batteries. Stupid, forgetting to buy some more at the store after the last black out Candace ambled slowly towards her and set the candle on the bedside table. They sat down on and edge of the bed, watching the flame's oily nude women gif dance on the wall.