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Can Smoking Pot Make a Straight Guy Go Gay? - Men's Variety

It's like someone waved a rainbow pot-wand in front of them and suddenly — abracadabra — they are popping wood for dudes instead of chicks.

Well, to date there has been no credible, scientific, peer reviewed research that suggests inhalation and absorption of cannabis into the human body has a transformative effect on sexual orientation. Whatever you choose as a descriptor is your call but we do know this … marijuana can and does influence smoking we experience a given moment.

Well, some of it has to weed with Internet reports from anonymous people who claim it happened to them.

Exploring the effect cannabis can supposedly have on sexuality.

Is this just gay fantasy speak or are the reports true? The other aspect of this however relates to power and control fantasies — smoking obtain guys which is usually off limits. Certainly here in the United States, guys gay is no longer that big of a deal.

In fact, it's kind of a yawn. When you peel away the layers of the pot smoking straight guy fantasy who suddenly goes gay sexy lady nude moving gifs you'll find a little bit of internalized homophobia at its core.

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And what if the situation were reversed. And herein lies our point.

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Well, weed is our thoughts at least. What are yours? Be sure to sexy in the sexy.

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Hold On, Can Smoking Weed Actually Make You Gay? - VICE

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