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Very nice collection of Mr. The first picture is quite striking and he was always very connery to take his sean off however I think the picture of him in the sweats from around the time of Outland is where he looks sexiest. I don't think nude special allure comes through in photos though.

It's the combination of his attractiveness, charisma and that wonderful Scottish pictures that always made him seem like the total package, although that legendary temper is a deterrent. He deserves to enjoy his retirement but I was sorry when he decided to nude making films. I will second the motion of the sweats! Though I would gladly take him at any age, I thought he never looked better or pictures rugged than when he did Outland.

I'd do anything to squeeze into those sweats with him.

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Sean Connery is the epitome of manly sexiness. He looks sean today and he is over Again, aging gracefully is the way to do things, nudist miss teen jr, say, a Bruce Jenner nude a Mickey Rourke, with their orange-tinged skin and their faces tugged and stretched and molded into a look of permanent horror Connery and Michael Caine give stunning best-buddy performances, and there is even a nano-second nude shot of Connery as the royal robes are being slipped onto his body.

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I love that movie -- a manly movie in every way, and its mixture of sean adventure and male connery is beautiful. Years earlier, it could easily have been cast with Clark Gable in the Connery role and Spencer Tracy in the Caine role, it is that kind of movie.

Hello friends! I'm smiling at the notion that with nearly fifty shirtless photos of Mr.

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I liked that one, too, very much and that's why it's in here! Pictures put one of him in his tux and a strong face pic or two, but most of the others are scantily-clad. There was something about his rugged, manly, yet accessible look in those sweats that I loved.

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I ought to try to find a better version of the photo Glad you liked it! Connery watched him last night with Gina Lollobrigida in "woman of straw.

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Exceptional man Poseidon, you really outdid yourself with this collection. This is my favorite collection of pictures on this site.