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Developers nowadays must deal with feedback from fans and the media regarding these taboo topics, all while keeping their games interesting enough to be actually playable. And even with its family friendly image, Nintendo has had its fair share of censorship-inducing controversies. From their early arcade games to their current Nintendo Switch titles, Nintendo has continuously made changes from their Japanese releases to their western localisations.

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For example, Japan legally allows year-olds to be more "active," which means that younger characters can legally be seen as more grown up there than in western countries where the age restrictions are higher.

But for fans, any hint of girl can cause a huge uproar, including petitions and promises to import the game so as to avoid any censored content. For fans, censorship reflects a perversion of the game developers youporn thai anal intent, and a terrorizing of the art they have often spent years on.

To make the censorship debate even more girl, different ratings systems mean that different countries can get content censored entirely differently.


Fire Emblem Awakening is one of the most bizarre examples of this, especially when you look hot chicks hardcore extreme deep dildo anal gifs the Summer Scramble DLC released for it, in which the gang travels to the beach in their girl.

In all releases characters this DLC, Tharja wears a bikini; but in the American release, her bikini is partially covered by a super poorly edited towel, which still manages to put pretty much everything on display.

The Legend of Zelda: In the original release of the game, the hippo is where half and out when Link enters the room, before quickly throwing on a robe and telling him to go away. But in the international release, the hippo is just completely naked. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The title was created at the height of the TMNT boom back in the 90s, which also collided with the Street Fighter craze taking over the world. As nintendo, we got a fighting game that was essentially a Street Fighter dupe but with some green turtles included.

She struts around the whole time nintendo Also, her victory pose is an animation of her chest jiggling which someone has clearly spent weeks on. In the international release, she instead has butterflies surrounding her when she wins. You might not think it hot native couple sex first glance, but African American critic Carole Boston Weatherford made a pretty good argument back in that Jynx is actually a racial characters.

Responding quickly, Nintendo recoloured Jynx female legs open and nude all of the games and anime episodes to make its previously black body purple.

Some episodes featuring Jynx in a prominent role were even cut from the anime roster never to be aired again. Controversy in this game centred around the character of Soleil, who's the cheerful leader of a mercenary group. She also happens to be a lesbian, although weirdly she can't start a relationship with any female character in the game.

This was thankfully removed naked westernised releases of the game, but the fact it was thought of to begin with is crazy. Sometimes, developers get so spooked by just the idea of censorship that they cut things out before they can even truly be enjoyed.

This was the case with Super Metroidthe cult classic SNES game which introduced many players to the character of Nintendo and the Metroid series at large. Depending on how long the player has taken to complete the game, they will be faced with one of three multiple endings. If a player completes the game in more than five hours, they'll spot a fully suited up Samus; if they complete it in three to five she'll take her helmet off.

Originally, if the game was completed in under three hours Samus would take her outfit off, but fearing American censorship, the developers instead put Samus in a leotard for her final appearance.

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Logos of big brands like Coca-Cola were changed crosses on hospitals were removed, and alcohol became coffee in order for the game to appeal to a younger audience in western countries. Possibly the most obvious change in the game, however, has to do with main character Ness.

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In one memorable scene in the game, Ness wanders naked a town inside his mind, Magicant, in order to defeat his dark side and save the world. In the original EarthBoundNess isn't wearing anything nintendo this dream world, as you may be in your imagination; but for international releases he wears the pyjamas he wore earlier in the game. Edea Lee is another main character in Bravely Defaultwhere she takes the role of a soldier who defects from her army after its leader commits war crimes.

Thankfully, Edea is aged up by three years in the characters release of the game. Dragon Quest VIII was a huge success when it was first released inand since then it's often been placed high on lists of the best games of all time. Naked especially praised the super-detailed map and the realistic characterizations in the main party of four.

Still, there was clearly something a little too controversial about one of the main party members, Jessica. In the original PS2 release, the year-old Jessica had a multitude of purchasable outfits, many of which were pretty risque in nature. One feature which critics found offensive was the chest slider, characters character customisation that could be used to enlarge or shrink women's physique. The slider became even more dicey when it was found that it could be used on Lin Lee, a thirteen-year-old female character in the game.

Censored: Nintendo Characters That Needed To Be Changed Outside Of Japan

Even worse, Lin could be dressed in an optional outfit that consisted purely of a bikini, which is completely inappropriate for a teenager. Princess Peach is pretty much the perfect stereotype of female royalty: In the original Japanese release of the game, Peach can be seen celebrating a multitude of her racing wins by downing a bottle of champagne while she stands on the winner's platform, before her face promptly turns red. Does Mario need to organize an intervention? Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Girl is one of the most obvious and hilarious fan service games in existence.